Gurbax Sahota

总统 & CALED行政总裁

Gurbax Sahota is an experienced association professional who believes in the importance 和 need to collaborate 和 create meaningful partnerships in order to accomplish the goal of creating healthy, 富有的社区. She turns this belief into action by bringing together 和 leading multiple organizations aligned with the goal of helping businesses thrive in California. Gurbax在CALED担任高级职务, 澳门葡京网址经济发展学院, 和澳门葡京网址企业发展局. 古尔巴克斯正在利用她对深思熟虑的领导的承诺, 组织研究知识, 和 her communications background to deliver on the missions of these organizations, 以确保他们的业务繁荣和可持续发展, 并在CALED建立一个高效的团队.

作为总统 & 四季的首席执行官, she is focused on creating strategic partnerships to promote the value of economic development 和 create a stronger voice for economic developers at the state 和 local level. 另外, having raised funds 和 创建 sustainable financial practices for all three organizations, she has laid a strong foundation for CALED so we can continue to provide services 和 benefits to economic developers across the state.

她一直在澳门葡京网址大学教育学院工作, Gurbax所做的, 创建, or had a significant role in most of our successes over the past sixteen plus years. 她的一些直接成就包括:

  • Invigorated 澳门葡京网址经济发展学院 (学院) from its minimal role a pass-through funding organization to a vibrant non-profit that has an active mission to support education, research 和 innovation in economic development 和 a budget to deliver on the goals approved by the Academy’s Board of Regents.
  • Fostered the growth of the 澳门葡京网址企业发展局(CEDA) by building 和 maintaining relationships with strategic business partners, as well as investing in the right support team to take advantage of new business opportunities as they become available, such as the development of CEDA’s Commercial PACE program.
  • Originated 和 implemented the creation of meaningful publications to support economic development in California, 包括:
    • 蓬勃发展的农村经济发展公司
    • Primer on California’s New Tax Increment Financing Tools
    • 澳门葡京网址农村基础设施融资指南
  • 领导发展 & launch of a California-specific Economic Development Certification – the Accredited California Economic Developer Certification (ACE)
  • 发达 & identified funding for the Academy’s Memorial Scholarship Fund program.
  • Brokered a partnership to create 和 share an economic development focused quarterly California economic snapshot
  • Revived CALED’s advocacy role through the adoption of a board Legislative Action Policy, 成立立法行动委员会, 和 by contracting with a knowledgeable advocacy partner to create a strategic 和 effective approach that has led to multiple legislative successes since she was named CALED’s CEO.

Gurbax’s ability to build relationships has put CALED at the table to ensure California’s economic developers voice a role at the federal, 州和地方层面. She is happy to be part of the CALED team 和 a member of California’s economic development network.




作为项目经理, Helen contributes to CALED’s team by managing the organization’s training programs such as the Keys to Economic Development 和 Advanced Institute training programs as well as the Accredited California Economic Developer (ACE) program. 海伦还确保了联合权力的权威性, 澳门葡京网址企业发展局(CEDA), 遵守政策和政府的要求. Helen brings a mix of local non-profit 和 private sector experience to her role from her prior positions within a large technology company 和 supporting local economic development as a senior researcher within a regional economic development corporation.



Michelle is the 项目负责人 for CALED 和 its affiliates. 作为项目总监, she is the in-house economic development practitioner for CALED 和 the lead for the 农村经济发展交流 和 the Economic Development Finance & 以及CALED的联邦拨款. She also promotes CALED’s economic development finance tools including the Statewide Revolving Loan Fund 和澳门葡京网址企业发展局.

在她完成社区硕士学位后 & 德州大学奥斯汀分校的区域规划专业, Michelle interned with the International Economic Development Council in Washington DC before moving back to her native California to work on improving the economic opportunities for communities.



会员/事件协调员, Laura maintains CALED’s membership operations 和 outreach, 和 coordinates specific events for the benefit of the membership. Laura brings a wealth of experience in local economic development having served as executive director 和 a consultant for cities, non-profit foundations 和 downtown associations for more than 30 years.



作为办公室文员, Patty is responsible for supporting office operations 和 administration to ensure the success of CALED, 学院, 和CEDA.  She also helps deliver our mission by assisting with CALED’s Annual Training Conference, 维护供应商关系, 和, 如果你碰巧来看澳门葡京网址, 她会是你看到的第一张笑脸. Patty has years of customer service experience 和 uses those skills at CALED to support our members 和 our staff.